Cyberselves workshop – report

Thank you to the Oxford Martin School for hosting such a fascinating conference, so robust with ideas from so many different disciplines.

And many thanks to the media team at the Oxford Martin School for producing this video, with interviews and analyses.

Stay tuned for more Cyberselves news in the very near future.



Hello world, and welcome to Cyberselves in Immersive Technologies. CiIT is an AHRC-funded, short-term project looking into our experiences of virtual worlds and telepresence technologies and how we are transformed, mind and body, in such spaces.cropped-experiment-picture.jpg

In the next year, we are going to be running experiments in immersion and teleoperation, to determine the objective measures and subjective factors that create believable experiences and that evoke a sense of presence.  We will also be analysing the cultural perceptions and expectations of such technologies, and the ethical implications and potential challenges these technologies will pose now and in the future.

As our project is a collaboration of psychologists, literary and cultural scholars and philosophers, we will spend the next few weeks learning each others’ languages, assembling bibliographies and determining the most productive ways to move ahead. A big part of this will also include laying out the parameters and specific objectives of the two experiments we hope to run. Details and progress reports will be posted here, both for team members, other researchers and for the interested public.

In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch with any questions you have, or to flag up any items in the news or your own research in which you think we might be interested.